Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FacePad Firefox add on- Facebook Photo Album Downloader

FacePad Facebook photo album downloader Firefox add on is used to download photo collections of your friends in Facebook with a single click.

UPDATE(On July 22, 2012):

Facepaste Firefox add on works in the same way as Facepad Firefox add on and is available in Mozilla add on site too!


PhotoJacker aka Facepad Firefox add on is no more.  It shut downs due to copyright infringment issues
Please leave your feedback about this add on through comments. Alternatively you can download this add on at the softonic site. The site is not in English.  If you are not from Brazil, either translate using Google translate or just go down the page.  You will find the download button below.  Just download it and enjoy.

This Firefox add on adds a right click option to download complete Facebook photo album with a single click

Download album with facepad firefox add on context menu

This option is visible only when you are using Facebook and you will not see any functionality or option of this add on.

You can set your language preferences in this add on using add on manager.

What I like most about this add on is you can download a Photo album of your friend with a single click irrespective of the collection size.

For Firefox 4  users and above:

This add on has compatibility only up to Firefox 3.6.  To make it compatible with Firefox 4.0 and above, install add on compatibility reporter.  After installing compatibility reporter install Facepad Firefox add on.  Your add on should install fine!

Also check out way to zoom photos in Facebook easily using Facebook Photo Zoom Firefox add on.

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