Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facebook joins with Mozilla, Opera in creating a core mobile web platform community group

Mozilla joins with Facebook in creating a core mobile web platform w3c community group which aims to improve web to compete with native applications on mobile devices.

App discovery, mobile browser fragments and payments are the major hurdles in mobile web application development says Facebook.

Mobile browser fragmentation is the key hurdle among these.  There are more mobile browsers, more than the desktop counterparts.  One of the key advantages of  developers is they can develop apps targetting browsers that support the standards proposed by this group and ignore others.

There are over  30 device developers, carrriers and developers in this group.  This group includes Samsung, HTC, Mozilla, Microsoft, Opera, Nokia, Sony Mobile communications and more.  Surprisingly the two major mobile OS developers Apple and Google is not available in this group.

Facebook also donating Ringmark a web based test suite to measure how much the browser supports the modern features to the core mobile web platform group.

You can join this group here.  Share your opinion through comments.


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