Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inline Installation - A new way to install Chrome Apps

Inline installation is a new way to install apps hosted in Chrome webstore right without leaving the developer's site.


Usually there are 2 ways to host apps or extensions for developers.  One is hosting apps in their own servers and the other is hosting in Chrome webstore and linking to it in their site.  Users will not know the popularity and reviews of the app when developers host apps in their own server and there are chances that users fail to install apps when they need to go to the Chrome webstore and  install due to the extra steps involved (online users are notoriously impatient).

To avoid these disadvantages, Chrome team introduced inline installation method.

Inline Installation EverNote For Chrome

Now the users don't need to leave the developer site to install the Chrome app.  When the user clicks the install button in the developer site, a small box with the add on details from Chrome store pops up and when they click 'Add', it installs automatically.

This inline installation feature increased installation for Angry Birds for Chrome to almost 10% and Evernote for Chrome to 15% and 25% claims Google.

If you are a Chrome app developer, then you need to follow these steps to enable inline installation for your site.  Share your opinion through comments

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