Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is new in Firefox 11

Firefox 11 is now available with more developer friendly features.

Migrate from Chrome:

You can now migrate all your bookmarks,settings and others from Chrome to Firefox.

Import from Chrome in Firefox 11

Add on Sync:

From Firefox 11 you can sync add ons across computers, mobiles and tablets.  This comes in handy when you are using multiple devices.  Install add ons in one device, sync will take care of the rest.

SPDY protocol:

This is the important update for Firefox 11.  SPDY protocol (an experiemental protocol designed by Google to speed up the web) is now available in Firefox 11.  It is disabled by default.  You can enable it by following the steps below

1. Type about:config in Firefox’s address bar.
2. Find the entry “network.http.spdy.enabled” .  Set it to true

Apart from Google, Twitter starts to support SDPY protocol.  You can find which sites supports SPDY protocol by using SPDY indicator Firefox add on.  This shows a lightning like indicator in the address bar for sites using SPDY.

SPDY support indicator

3D view of the web page:

Firefox 11 integrates Tilt add on with the developer tools.  Select ‘Inspect’ from the ‘Web Developer’ option or enter CTRL+SHIFT+I and select (3D(M)) and start to inspect elements in 3D.  Your browser should be compatible with WebGL to use this feature.

FIrefox 11 style sheet editor

Style Sheet Editor:

Press SHIFT+F7 or select 'Style Editor' from the 'web developer' menu.  You will find the style sheet editor as below

You can edit the style sheet now and all the changes will be reflected instantly on the screen.

In addition to this there are more features like File support in IndexDB , HTML5 parser for Syntax Highlighter and more.

You can either upgrade your Firefox now or download it to try these features.

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