Friday, June 8, 2012

Google Chrome will support Windows 8 Metro UI from next Development Channel release

Google Chrome, the worlds most popular browser will be available for Windows 8 Metro UI in the next Development Channel release.

Google began its work on Windows 8 Metro UI on March this year after Mozilla and it will be available on the next development channel release.

Google Chrome for Windows 8 Metro UI will support charms and snap states of display.

Touch and  other features will be supported in the later versions.

You can try Chrome in Metro UI by making it as default browser in Windows 8 Release preview.

Google also posted a screenshot of Chrome in Chromium blog which is in below

Google Chrome in Windows 8 Metro UI
Google Chrome in Windows 8 Metro UI
From the  screenshot above you can find that Google chose to use the same UI except to change 3 buttons in the top right to a single button.

Chrome won't run on Windows 8 running ARM processor.  This is due to restriction made by Microsoft to restrict browsers except its own.

State of other browsers:

While Chrome is about to release its first version for Metro UI,  Mozilla is also working in its own version of Metro UI. There is no news about the release however.  Opera is also rumored to be working on Windows Metro UI, but there is no official news yet.

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