Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's New In Android 4.1 Default Browser

Google has finally announced much awaited next version of Android, the Jelly Bean. While the Jelly Bean has various attractive features like Smart App Update and smoother interface, its default browser has also got only some new additions.

Industry experts were expecting that Chrome for Android might become the default browser on Jelly Bean, but it seems users will have to wait more. Stock browser of Android 4.1 has added only few improvements and no big exciting feature.

Android 4.1

Here is the summary of the new stuff:

  • New version of V8 JavaScript engine
  • Support for HTML5 media capture 
  • Improved text input, zooming and scrolling. Zooming & scrolling have become smoother and consumes less memory now.
  • Improved HTML5 video support. Touch-to-play/pause (similar to YouTube app on Android) and smoother transition from inline to full screen mode.
  • Improved CSS3 and Canvas animations operations.

Apart from the default browser, Chrome on Android has also got a big update - Chrome has become stable on Android now. The first stable version can be installed from Google Play on ICS and later.

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